Thursday, March 20, 2008


“Still there are moments when ocean is calm and horizon is empty for long distances in all directions“, once I wrote these words to my then girl friend (now my wife). The whole plot, canvas, scenario and to a large extent, the whole life has taken a total makeover but still there are… It’s been 2 years, 7 months and 17 days to be very precise since my last posting. I don’t even remember how to publish a post. Laid-back or lion attitude, silence or lull before the storm, there might be many descriptors. Anyways, in a typical soap style, here is a quick recap of the unedited episodes…

On personal front:
  • Got married to my beloved

  • Set (with a crucial and active support from my wife) a basic infrastructure sufficient enough to run a family of two (I still believe two is company and three is crowd)
  • Cleared some of the basic doubts about life (although a major chunk still remains); and

  • Became a pollution-free personality
On professional front:
  • Finally, I am an advertising professional (although just like any other advertising professional)
  • Learned at least to understand the petty politics of so called creative fraternity
  • Learned that creative frustration is not going to stay here forever. So, relax and sometimes just let it be a job only.
  • A clichéd one but true, suddenly I have a strong feeling that I can do something really great (beware a Leo is feeling strong). What? Hmm…keep guessing or wait for the day of judgment.


  • Always have an original opinion about anything and everything (in short, be yourself) coz there is nothing like comparison of opinions and difference in opinions is the basis of inventions and innovations.
  • Be intelligently dissatisfied with your life. Keep exploring, keep updating because knowledge is still the ultimate power
  • Take care of seconds and hours will take care of themselves (i.e. respect time since it is the best investment you can make to make your dreams come true)
  • If possible, exercise since “health is wealth”

    Here comes the present, life is hectic but interesting. Sometimes pursuit of happiness becomes monotonous and I try to break the ice. At times, it’s nerve chilling. I don’t want any cocoon around me, simply no outer layer (ozone is exempted). It’s very difficult to be a socialite and yourself everyday. Basically it’s just a fight and you even don’t know that with whom, for what and why are you fighting. You are a part of a maddening crowd where no one knows each other. Neither I was satisfied yesterday nor I am satisfied today and I know that even tomorrow I would be in search of satisfaction. Perhaps this is the only known game where result doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is whether you are enjoying the game or not. I am playing, anyone interested can join as there is no first half or second half. Keep rocking folks!