Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Four days have passed since my first posting. It was not less than a culture shock for me to bump into bloggers’ kingdom. Being a Johnny-come-lately, I am very cautious while choosing my words. Anyways, Friday was a kind of celebration with some shopping, birthday cake and needless to say some gifts. Suddenly I have developed a monumental interest in my day-to- day life. I have started noticing special things in my mundane life. Now the quest is to give a headline to each of my day. Everyday I pucker the curtain and start looking for some worthy stuff to share with all of you. And the results have been startling. All of a sudden my heart has become the most happening place in the town. There is too much in it to be bound within the periphery of any language developed by mankind. But it hardly matters; at the end of the day people believe what you do rather than what you say. In the course of these four days, sometimes the incessant rain (not the Mumbai rain that has played havoc with its people) of uncertainties reduced all my roads to quagmire. But I know I have to tread cautiously not because it's the question of perfunctory services but because, it's the question of my own existence. And how can I deny the fact that I am the only one, who can fight for my survival. Am I suffering from a kind of ennui? No not at all, but I am a human being and thus fallible. Don't think that I am making an excuse. I know mistakes are mistakes and a mistake should not occur twice. I am striving to win with the philosophy of “invest in every day”. Let’s see how much returns do I fetch? After all it is the business called LIFE.