Friday, September 04, 2009

Snapshots of a Journey

It was around 9.00 pm when I finally packed up my laptop and left office. I was dog-tired with so many bizzare thoughts in my mind. By this time traffic in Delhi takes a different shape. No hassels, no agression, only few worn out souls. For me, it's a drive of almost 2 hours to reach home. I was just rummaging through my mind to get something good enough to think about. Lot of things, lot of thoughts. This is the basic problem with today's multitasking and so called multiprocessing world. You tend to handle so many things but fail to enjoy any. Entangled in my thoughts, I got one thing to cheer about - my blog. Few days back I have revived my dormant blog and I am really excited about it. And see the magic of enjoying just one simple thing, suddenly it started raining heavily. I love rain like anything. Next 45 minutes of my drive was full of rain and cool winds. I relished every moment of it. I went back to my childhood days when rain used be one of the biggest mood boosters. I used to dream a lot, innocent dreams, to be very precise. Rain used to bring a flood of emotions. Falling water droplets and bursting bubbles had something magical in them. They were very much like the innocent child within me. The drenched nature used to be the canvas of my imaginations. Everthing out of the world. Now the things have changed, my perspective, my feelings, my dreams and may be the nature to a large extent too. Perhaps life is like that only.


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