Friday, July 29, 2005


Hi all! I hope the title of my very first posting doesn’t leave you perplexed. No, it has nothing to do with any contemporary pornographic stuff. There now, am I sounding a bit outdated? Anyways, that's entirely your call and don't worry, I am not against vox populi. It actually stands for my thirty years on this planet called earth. It happens to be my B'day today, and with it I step into the fourth decade of my life. I am not going to make this posting a sizzling saga. But I would certainly like to talk about something that makes my life sizzle. In this jigsaw puzzle called life, I have finally been able to trace down my other half (Yet to be blessed with nuptial bliss). She shares all my blues (including other colours). She always waters down my worries by her smile and manages to give a good shape to my idiosyncrasies. I think this much is sufficient for today. I will come back with bits and pieces. Is it time to let my hair (although short) down and enjoy the wine-and-cheese evening? Let's see what happens? Stay tuned for more updates.